Six million HP power cords recalled

August 27, 2014

PowercordnumberLARGEPower cords for two HP notebook computer models recalled in US and Canada due to fire risk.

It has been announced on the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC)  website that 5.6 million power cords in the US and 447,00 in Canada are being recalled by HP after the OEM received “29 reports of the power cords overheating and either melting or charring”, with two users suffering burns as a result and the CPS) receiving 13 reports of property damage.

The cords, which were manufactured in China, came with HP and Compaq notebook and mini notebook computers along with “accessories that use an AC adaptor”, such as docking stations. The devices that came with the power cords were sold between September 2010 and June 2012.

Daily Finance reported that HP released a statement saying: “HP believes that certain power cords shipped with notebook PC products and AC adapter accessories may pose a risk of a fire and burn hazard to customers […] we are taking this action as part of our commitment to provide the highest quality of service to our notebook customers.”

It was stated that “not every cord sold with every device is affected by the recall”, with those affected being black and displaying the code ‘LS-15’, which is “moulded onto the AC adaptor end”. Anyone with one of the cords are “urged to stop using it and get a free replacement from HP”.

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Canon donates to relief recovery in Japan

August 27, 2014

hiroshima-damage-new.jpg.image.784.410The OEM is supporting recovery in and around Hiroshima after torrential rains.

The announcement saw Canon state that it would donate around ¥5 million ($48,000/€36,501) to relief efforts following “damage caused by heavy rains” in and around the Japanese city of Hiroshima throughout this month. The donation will be made through the Central Community Chest of Japan.

The floods have said to have “caused extensive damage and loss of life across the region”, and Canon stated that it “extend[s] our heartfelt condolences to all those affected by this catastrophe and our thoughts go out to the victims and their families. Although the road to recovery will be challenging and take time, we hope that the region will soon be able to begin the rebuilding and healing process”.

Brother and Canon announced earlier this month that they would donate to relief efforts following a 6.1 magnitude earthquake in Yunnan Province, China, on 3 August, which caused the deaths of around 600 people. Brother announced that it had donated the same amount – ¥ 5 million – to the Japanese Red Cross Society and other organisations, whilst Canon announced a donation of RMB 3.2 million ($520,000/€387,000).

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Canon releases new imageCLASS MFPs

August 27, 2014

The OEM launched five new machines that “help to increase productivity and streamline workflows”.

Canon's imageCLASS MF212w

Canon’s imageCLASS MF212w

The five MFPs include the imageCLASS MF229dw, MF227dw, MF212w, MF216n and LBP6230dw, the last of which is the “first imageCLASS printer with both wireless connectivity and automatic duplex printing”. The first three machines are “designed with user-friendly features that support a variety of needs and budgets for different work environments”, particularly a six-line LCD touchscreen.

The five printers also offer a Quiet Mode that “helps reduce operation noise”; ID Card Copy functions to “quickly record” information for an ID card; Canon’s Mobile Printing app for Android and Apple devices as well as Mopria’s Print Service; and Canon’s Mobile Scanning for Business app.

The MF229dw replaces the MF4890dw, and features a 50-sheet duplex feeder with print speeds of 28ppm and resolutions of 600 x 600 dpi up to 1200 x 1200 dpi, as well as a scan resolution of up to 600 x 600 dpi (optical), 9600 x 9600 dpi. The other four machines share the same resolutions as well. The MF227dw replaces the MF4880dw and has a print speed of 28ppm; the MF216N replaces the MF4770n and features a print speed of 24ppm; and the MF212w is a new device with the same features as the previous three.

Finally, the LBP6230dw features wireless connectivity and automatic duplexing alongside a print speed of 26ppm for single prints and 16ppm for duplex prints, alongside a 250-sheet paper cassette and a compact size.

Keenan Thomson, Industry Analyst at GAP Intelligence, stated of the launch: “In an increasingly competitive market, home and small office customers have come to expect robust connectivity options and cost saving functionality at an affordable price.

“Canon’s new line-up looks to address these needs by introducing the most affordable wifi-ready imageCLASS [monochrome] MFP to-date, while adding faster output speeds, cost-saving duplex functionality, and mobile print and scan capabilities to a broader range of models in Canon’s monochrome portfolio.”

The MF229dw, MF227dw, MF216n and MF212w will be available in late September at prices of $299 (€226), $249 (€188), $199 (€150) and $189 (€143), whilst the LBP6230dw will also be available in late September at $169 (€128).

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Cartridge World Stratford achieves “Gold Standard”

August 26, 2014

Cartridge World's Alan Cridge present store owner Amit Patel with the Gold Standard certificate. Credit: Newham Recorder

Cartridge World’s Alan Cridge presents store owner Amit Patel with the Gold Standard certificate. Credit: Newham Recorder

Store becomes fourth in the UK to receive Gold Standard for quality.

Newham Recorder reported on the latest Cartridge World UK store to achieve the franchise’s “Gold Standard” quality benchmark since its introduction last April, with Cartridge World Stratford recognised for the quality of its refilled cartridges.

The store’s manager, Amit Patel, was presented with the Gold Standard certificate by Cartridge World UK’s Business Development Manager Alan Cridge after the Stratford team was able to prove that the store’s printer cartridges met Cartridge World’s quality requirements, which cover print performance, build quality and packaging. The store also had to prove that it “meets every aspect of Cartridge World’s approved quality control procedures”.

Commenting on the achievement, Patel said: “It’s essential that all my customers are confident about the quality of our products and having the ‘Gold Standard’ does that […] it shows that our printer cartridges – both ink and laser – meet the highest standards.

“Printer manufacturers’ own-brand cartridges are very expensive, while bargain basement ones tend to be poor quality, but by using the ‘Gold Standard’, Cartridge World Stratford produce[s] printer cartridges that are a good value, quality guaranteed alternative to both.”

Meanwhile, Cridge said: “Well done to Amit Patel and his team at Cartridge World Stratford […] this achievement is a great reflection of the hard work that they have put into ensuring all cartridges produced in-store are of a consistent high standard.”

The Recycler reported in June that Cartridge World Orpington also achieved the Gold Standard, with owners John and Cheryl Yee presented with the award by Cartridge World UK’s Quality Assurance Manager Mike Hemming.

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Konica Minolta joins environmental printing organisation

August 26, 2014

forest-productsOEM moves towards environmentally conscious printing as it joins Two Sides North America.

In a press release on MPS Connect, Konica Minolta announced that it has joined non-profit organisation Two Sides North America, which “promotes the responsible production, use and sustainability of print and paper”; with the OEM’s Vice President of Strategic Business Development, Kay Du Fernandez, also set to serve on Two Sides’ Sustainability Committee.

Two Sides, which is active in Europe, Australia, South Africa and Brazil in addition to North America, aims to dispel common misconceptions about paper being bad for the environment, with the organisation noting that “paper comes from trees which are a renewable resource if they are grown in responsibly managed forests”. it was also noted that continuing demand for such sustainably sourced paper gives landowners and families in North America a “financial incentive” to continue to manage their land responsibly and keep them forested rather than selling them for development.

Phil Riebel, President of Two Sides North America, said: “It’s an honour to have a sustainability leader such as Konica Minolta join our organisation. Their global sustainability recognitions are numerous and their engagement in Two Sides will further strengthen our reputation, our credibility, and our reach.”

Meanwhile, Fernandez commented: “Konica Minolta views environmental awareness as an integral part of our management philosophy. Our leaders and employees strive to uphold the highest standards of responsible citizenship. We are excited to join Two Sides in its mission to promote the responsible production and use of print and paper, and dispel common environmental misconceptions about paper to ensure the future of this important industry.”

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HP’s future growth questioned by analysts

August 22, 2014

hpFinancial analysts believe the OEM’s future prospects remain “in question”.

Market Watch reported on market analysts’ views concerning HP’s quarterly results, in which the OEM reported increased revenue.

Noting that Wall Street “questions HP’s viability”, the news site states that market analysts Cantor Fitzgerald believes HP’s long-term “trajectory” towards better results “remains in question”, and the OEM’s announcement that it is planning to cut another 16,000 jobs added to this, with some analysts not “convinced” that sales of desktop computers, alongside cuts, will “be enough” to “carry [HP] forward over the long term”.

Cantor Fitzgerald added that it had increased its price target on HP shares to $34.50 (€26) from $30 (€22), and expressed concern over the “low-margin profile” of the PC market globally, in a response to HP CEO Meg Whitman’s conference call to investors earlier this week, in which she said the PC market “continues to contract”, but HP has increased revenue in PCs by 12 percent year-over-year.

Additionally, the analysts’ estimates for the whole year “remain 17 percent below levels” from 2008, with shares in HP having fallen by 25 percent in value since that point before the “mobile device market took off”. Similarly, analysts Raymond James warned that the OEM’s recovery “remains uneven”, predicting that HP’s overall revenue growth “would decelerate in the second half of this year” despite an “expected improvement” among other similar manufacturers.

In turn, Raymond James stated that free cash flow generation “could decline meaningfully” in 2015 due to the slowing down of growth for PCs in addition to the stabilisation of services. One of the company’s analysts, Brian Alexander, commented that HP management’s confidence “does not seem to be fully supported by results”, though “massive headcount reductions should keep” estimates “intact for the foreseeable future”.

Conversely, two other market analysts – J.P. Morgan and Morgan Stanley – were “more bullish” in their predictions, with the former stating that “underlying trends suggest that HP’s guidance is doable”, and the latter mentioning that “free cash flow strength and revenue growth puts HP shares on a path towards $40 (€30)”.

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HP reports increased revenue in third quarter results

August 21, 2014

hp11The OEM reported a slight increase of one percent in net revenue.

HP’s results included the aforementioned net revenue increase of one percent to $27.6 billion (€20.7 billion) over the quarter, with operating company net cash up to $4.9 billion (€3.6 billion), a “sequential improvement” of $2.2 billion (€1.6 billion).

Cash flow from operations grew 36 percent year-over-year to $3.6 billion (€2.7 billion), and $881 million (€663 million) was returned to shareholders “in the form of share repurchases and dividends”. Other results referred to generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP), which are the standard guidelines for financial accounting, also known as accounting standards.

The OEM’s third quarter non-GAAP diluted net earnings per share increased three percent year-over-year to $0.89 (€0.67), meeting a prior prediction of between $0.86 (€0.64) and $0.90 (€0.68) per share. In turn, third quarter GAAP diluted net earnings per share fell 27 percent year-over-year to $0.52 (€0.39), lower than the predicted range between $0.59 (€0.44) and $0.63 (€0.47) per share.

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Canon India aims to grow inkjet printer revenue

August 21, 2014

dialoose_1359206747_CanonOEM plans to target students as it aims for to grow its market share to 25 percent.

Economic Times reported on Canon India’s plan to “woo” students in its bid to increase its annual inkjet printer revenue to $33 million (€25 million) by bringing out a new campaign and introducing new products to the market in order to grow its market share from 23 to 25 percent.

The OEM, which currently has 20 Pixma-branded products in the inkjet category, intends to invest $3 million (€2.3 million) in advertising and promotions for its new campaign, which is aimed at students aged between nine and 19 years-old.

Alok Bharadwaj, Executive Vice President of Canon India, explained: “We wanted to connect with school-going kids and engage with them. Students of today are comfortable using smart devices including cloud and Wi-Fi printing. Our new PIXMA Ink Efficient range is designed to combine creative printing with incredible cost-per-print savings.”

Bharadwaj added: “While students can be great influencers for purchasing decision today, they are also customers of tomorrow. With 300 million students in India, building our brand in their mind is a big business of tomorrow for us.”

The Indian inkjet market is reportedly growing at around eight percent annually, with students being responsible for a lot of the growth. However, Bharadwaj said that “while the segment is growing in single digits, we [Canon India] are growing at over 10 percent. To continue the growth trajectory, we will introduce newer models as well as double our retail presence by [the] end of 2016 from 1,000 retail outlets now”.

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Everlert brings franking cartridge production in-house

August 20, 2014

DM300-left--prodDetail_LargeManufacturer of ink cartridge for the US postage meter industry and sister company of Totalpost to manufacture cartridges domestically from January 2015.

Everlert announced the decision to move itsfranking ink cartridge production in-house in a press release, following approval from its Board of Directors of preliminary plans and a corresponding budget to begin manufacturing cartridges at its plant in Southern California from January 2015.

The company hopes that moving the production to the US will increase its gross margins by up to 40 percent, as well as reducing international shipping time and costs, decrease lead time for fulfilling large orders, enhance quality, take advantage of local tax credits related to R&D and production, and allow the company to employ a “just-in-time” inventory model – all of which should help to strengthen its financial position.

In preparation for the development, the company over the last few months has begun to invest in acquiring key components for the production line, such as programming computers, empty cartridges and “other essential materials”. Meanwhile UK-based Totalpost, whose USA arm was acquired by Everlert in 2012, will provide training and support in setting up the production line, as well as training personnel.

John Taylor, Director of Everlert, Inc., said: “There is no doubt that bringing the production line in-house domestically will be a win-win proposition all the way around. It will help us achieve higher quality since we won’t have to ship the cartridges internationally, reduce lead time, and will give us the flexibility to drive down our production cost, which should help boost our bottom line.”

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Canon USA releases three new PIXMA machines

August 20, 2014

Canon's MG7520

Canon’s MG7520

The devices are said to “simplify” photograph printing.

TechRadar reported on the launch of three new cloud-connected PIXMA inkjet printers aimed at “image-focused” businesses and consumers, with Canon noting that the devices “simplify” printing as well as scanning and editing photographs.

The new machines – the MG7520, MG6620 and MG5620 – are all connected to the PIXMA Printing Solutions application, which in turn links to Canon’s Easy-PhotoPrint application to allow users to “print documents directly from websites and applications”. TechRadar gave the example of users “tap[ping] on a Facebook photo”, scanning it onto the printer, editing it and printing it “without connecting any cords”.

Two other applications included are Canon’s Cloud Link and PictBridge programmes, which can be used to “share scanned documents via email” and “connect Canon digital cameras directly to the printers without the need for a computer” respectively. The MG7520 is said to be “top-of-the-line” from the new range, and features a dual front tray, direct disc printing and six ink tanks capable of printing 9600 x 2400 dpi colour photos.

The MG7520 also includes a 3.5-inch LCD touchscreen and a range of different colour choices for its exterior, including burnt orange, black, and white “with a mirror finish”, and costs $199.99 (€150), whilst the MG6620 is available for $149.99 (€112) and the MG5620 for $99.99 (€75).

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