Paperworld China sees 12 percent growth in visitors

October 24, 2014

The event in China also saw special show areas succeed.

The Shanghai New International Expo Centre

The Shanghai New International Expo Centre

The 10th show in Shanghai took place from 18 to 20 September at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre, with 22,357 visitors attending to provide a 12 percent increase in numbers from the 2013 event, and “positive feedback” was given from both exhibitors and visitors to organisers Messe Frankfurt.

Visitors attended the event from over 63 different countries, with the top nations and regions represented at the show consisting of: Korea; Hong Kong, Taiwan; Japan; Indonesia; Germany; the USA; Thailand; Russia; and India. Messe Frankfurt added that “spotlights” of the event included the DIY (do it yourself) studio and Oriental Culture areas within the show floor, the first of which “caught much attention from visitors” because “DIY […] is already mature in overseas markets”.

The DIY Industry Promotion Council of Shanghai Creative Industry Association supported the zone, with its Secretary General Ping Xin stating that DIY is “still a new and emerging market in China”, but adding that the “traditional stationery and office supplies industry” in China is “gradually transforming […] due to changing consumer demand”, with the presence at the event allowing both the council and Messe Frankfurt to “maximise resources and channels”.

Fiona Chiew, Deputy General Manager of Messe Frankfurt (Shanghai), commented: “I am very pleased to see this year’s Paperworld China has attained such outstanding results, demonstrating its growing significance to the stationery and office supplies industry in the region over the years. Additionally, the show attracted 501 exhibitors from 18 countries and regions including Australia, France, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Portugal, Sri Lanka, Switzerland, Turkey, the UK and the US.

“Our resounding success is greatly contributed to the support from our partners, trade associations and organisations. With their strong resources and connections, the show welcomed a number of local and overseas buying groups. It also featured pavilions from Taiwan, Ningbo and Wenzhou, as well as the DIY Studio and Oriental Culture.”

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Trouble “may be brewing” for Samsung

October 24, 2014

The OEM reported a 60 percent fall in profit, with analysts blaming “poor marketing”.SamsungLogo_AP_23April1

Nouse reported on speculation that Samsung is “ailing” amid a 60 percent fall in profits in its quarterly results, with analysts questioning whether “poor marketing [is] to blame” for the results, and warning that it “must not repeat [the] mistakes of Motorola and Blackberry in [the] volatile mobile market”.

The poor results came amid concerns from market analysts that “cheaper, and ever-improving, competitors are gaining ground” in the smartphone sector, with the OEM’s recent Galaxy S5 phone receiving “lukewarm [reviews] at best” as it lost first place to Chinese phone manufacturer Xiaomi in the Chinese mobile handset market.

Samsung spokespeople have blamed “marketing expenses related to aggressive promotions” for the profit falls, but Nouse believes that “herein the problem indeed lies”, as marketing “has never been the Korean company’s strong suit”, and it adds that market experts have interpreted the quarterly results as “indicative” of Samsung “entering the same cycle of decline” as previous mobile giants Ericsson, Motorola and Blackberry, noting “something has to be done to stop the rot”.

Analysts Market Mogul’s Calvin Williams stated that “clearly Samsung is caught in an awkward position in the market, with more and more buyers being enticed by the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus’ bigger screens at the top end of the marketplace. At the same time, Samsung’s products are being undercut by cheaper and increasingly better rival players.

“As far as marketing is concerned, clearly their advertising does not resonate with young people as much as Apple’s does. Marketing is often an undervalued weapon – good marketing creates customer loyalty. Samsung often have a tendency to let their products do the talking, but it isn’t working at the moment”.

The site also suggests that even if marketing “isn’t on Samsung’s agenda”, one other option might be “streamlining”, suggesting HP’s recent split as a “similar” move. Samsung’s “shift” from the European laptop market is marked as evidence of the OEM’s moves to diversify, and the site believes that having been “fighting a war on so many fronts”, it makes sense that the company should “channel their energies into fewer products […] perhaps channelling energy into some more effective marketing campaigns would help too”.

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New dealer MPS solution launched

October 24, 2014

Norm McConkey

Norm McConkey

MPS Toolbox aims to “support office imaging dealerships […] to increase profits and revenue”.

The software, from Canadian company Tangent MTW, features “robust software tools” that help support print management programmes, and is designed for office imaging dealerships as a “unique solution […] architected to leverage existing MPS programme investments and infrastructure”, the company notes.

MPS Toolbox combines device information from a company’s remote monitoring and ERP (enterprise resource planning) software in order to “quickly deliver comprehensive assessments” as well as fleet optimisation, profit identification, proposal generation and analysis of supplies vendors for sales staff to use when looking at customer accounts.

The company also noted that MPS Toolbox “provides business optimisation” through the simplification of “data analysis processes”, and while the software is currently part of Parts Now’s R4 MPS programme, used by “dozens of dealerships within the industry”, it will be available as a software as a service (SaaS) release from $199 (€157) per month.

Norman McConkey, Principal of Tangent MTW and Creator of MPS Toolbox, commented: “There is an abundance of untapped revenue that dealers can access within their existing account base. From new hardware, less expensive service programs, and higher profit margins in their cost per page programs, MPS Toolbox is designed to show dealers how to capture this information and leverage it immediately.

“After years of struggling with flat or declining revenue and managed print programs that have yet to deliver on the cost reduction and revenue promises made, MPS Toolbox offers dealers in our industry something tangible to get excited about. Dealers already have all of the data they need within their remote monitoring systems. MPS Toolbox fits into the equation by answering the question: ‘you have data, now what?’ We’re the ‘now what.’”

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HP launches new wide-format printing app

October 23, 2014

The Latex Mobile app allows mobile printing for the OEM’s Latex 300 machines.

HP's Latex 360

HP’s Latex 360

The app, showcased at the SGIA Expo by the OEM, introduces “smart printing capabilities” to the Latex 300 range of wide-format printers, and allows users to “remotely monitor their printers, track job status and receive printer alerts”, offering an “innovative user experience” for the Latex 310, 330 and 360 devices in the range.

Xavier Garcia, Vice President and General Manager of HP’s Large-Format Sign and Display Division, commented: “Print service providers (PSPs) are under increasing pressure from customers to deliver on-time, urgent jobs while providing guaranteed, industry-leading work. The HP Latex Mobile app marks the beginning of a new era of smart printing, giving customers peace of mind while they are at and away from the print shop, as well as helping them to better address time-sensitive requests and gain customer loyalty.”

Jose María Miñarro, Manager at HP customer Miñarro Impresión, got to try the app, and added: “The HP Latex Mobile application has not only simplified my working processes, its remote monitoring capabilities also give me the confidence to know what’s happening while I’m out of the office.”

The Latex Mobile app will be available for download in January next year for smartphones, and mid-2015 for tablets, with both releases for iOS and Android.

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Ricoh releases new mono machines in USA

October 23, 2014

Ricoh's SP 213SNw

Ricoh’s SP 213SNw

The devices feature wireless connectivity and mobile printing compatibility.

Ricoh USA launched the three new monochrome models, with one single-function and two MFPs making up the release. The SP 213SNw and 212SFNw are the MFPs, whilst the SP 213Nw is the single-function device, and all three offer wireless connectivity, mobile printing compatibility and “environmentally friendly features”.

All three printers also feature the OEM’s all-in-one cartridges, print speeds of 23ppm, Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) standard security and manual duplexing. The all-in-one cartridge is said to be “recyclable”, according to Ricoh, whilst all the printers feature 80 fonts for “creative printing in many styles”, as well as a “fanless” design that “helps keep the printers and MFPs especially quiet”.

Matt Sakauchi, Vice President of Technology Marketing at Ricoh, stated: “With simplified Wi-Fi connectivity you can skip the cables, connections and complicated instructions, and begin printing to your new device in just a few steps. Such simplicity is integral to our mission of delivering information mobility in the new world of work.”

The SP 213Nw is available for $145 (€114), the 213SNw for $195 (€153) and the 213SFNw for $245 (€193).

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UK office products market grows

October 23, 2014

GfK report shows a 6.9 percent year-over-year growth in the sector.

GfK's analysis of the office market from 2012 to now

GfK’s analysis of the office market from 2012 to now

The report from market analysts GfK showed that the sector, which includes toner and inkjet cartridges, grew by 6.9 percent year-over-year to be worth £1.8 billion ($2.8 billion/€2.2 billion), with a 6.5 percent growth over the course of the year to be worth £1.3 billion ($2 billion/€1.6 billion) over the first nine months. In terms of month-by-month value, the sector grew 9.3 percent over last month, a value of £200 million ($320 million/€252 million).

Online sales month-by-month meanwhile grew by a huge 49.4 percent over the same period last year, with the analysts noting that the market “continues to enjoy a positive performance” and “has not suffered a decline since December 2013”. Additionally, the last three months “taken together represent a very successful back to school and university period”, with positive results “widespread among the categories” of products.

On the flipside, the IT market, which includes printers and MFDs, saw a year-over-year fall in value of 1.2 percent to £7.6 billion ($12.1 billion/€9.6 billion), with the results for the year so far showing a 1.6 percent fall in value to £4.8 billion ($7.6 billion/€6 billion), and the monthly change in value saw a fall of 1.5 percent to £600 million ($960 million/€758 million). Online sales meanwhile bucked the trend against last year, with a 6.2 percent growth.

The analysts added of the IT market that desk computing and monitors “continue to lead value growth in the IT sector”, as does mobile computing, but “all this good work” is “being undone once more” by the falling value of media tablets, which fell 24 percent in September alone.

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Xerox sees middling quarterly results

October 22, 2014

xeroxThe OEM reported a two percent decline in revenue overall and six percent decline in its document technology segment.

The results saw total revenue reach $5.1 billion (€4 billion), a fall of two percent over the last year’s results, with 57 percent of this total coming from the services segment, which saw a one percent increase in revenue to $2.9 billion (€2.2 billion). In turn, the document technology business, representing 40 percent of the total, saw revenue of $2 billion (€1.5 billion), a fall of six percent.

Operating margin meanwhile increased 0.1 percent year-over-year to 9.5 percent, leaving an operating profit of $486 million (€383 million), whilst $595 million (€469 million) in cash flow was generated in the quarter, and Xerox also repurchased $251 million (€198 million) in stock during the quarter, with an expectation that, having repurchased $730 million (€575 million) in the year already, it will have bought back around $1 billion (€788 million) by the end of the financial year.

Ursula Burns, Chairman and CEO of Xerox, stated: “This quarter we delivered earnings at the high end of our range. Profits from our document technology business came in above expectations while Services results were lower than planned. Our document technology business continues to provide strong profitability, and we are continuing to invest in our services business for revenue and profit improvement by strengthening leadership and evolving our operating model to better leverage our scale and drive efficiency and customer value.

“These activities will position us well for the future. Our business continues to deliver strong cash flow that enables us to invest for growth while returning capital to shareholders through share repurchases and dividends.”

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Lexmark reports revenue growth in third quarter

October 22, 2014

lexmark-logoThe OEM saw a three percent growth, which “exceeded” its predictions.

The results showed revenue growth of three percent, revenue excluding Lexmark’s exit from inkjet in 2012 growing six percent, and MPS and Perceptive Software combined revenue increasing by 21 percent.

GAAP (generally accepted accounting principles) revenue was $918 million (€723 million), whilst non-GAAP revenue was $921 million (€725 million), giving the growth of three percent, and “excluding the planned and ongoing decline in inkjet exit revenue”, this growth is six percent”.

In terms of the company’s Imaging Solutions and Services (ISS) segment, revenue “was about flat” compared to the same quarter last year, at $835 million (€657 million), but without the inkjet exit revenue, it grew three percent compared to last year; MPS grew 12 percent to $205 million (€161 million), non-MPS revenue was flat at $570 million (€55 million), and inkjet exit revenue of $60 million (€47 million), which was six percent of total revenue, declined by 29 percent.

Product-wise, hardware revenue grew eight percent to $196 million (€154 million), whilst supplies declined two percent to $593 million (€467 million), and laser supplies revenue grew two percent to $533 million (€419 million). As previously mentioned, the MPS and Perceptive Software revenue – packaged as Lexmark’s “higher value solutions”, is expected to pass $1 billion (€787 million) this year, with combined revenue of $291 million (€229 million) showing a growth of 20 percent over last year, accounting for 32 percent of total revenue.

Lexmark’s predictions looking forward include an expectation that total revenue in the fourth quarter of the financial year would be “down two to four percent”, with the inkjet exit continuing to “have a diminishing negative impact on revenue growth”, though excluding this, the OEM believes revenue in the next quarter will “grow year to year”.

Paul Rooke, Lexmark’s Chairman and CEO, commented: “In the third quarter, Managed Print Services and Perceptive Software combined revenue grew 20 percent, representing nearly one third of Lexmark’s total revenue, and is on track to exceed $1 billion this year. Our strong results reflect the work we have been doing to transform Lexmark to a solutions company, creating a unique portfolio of higher value imaging and software solutions.”

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Brother releases new monochrome range in Australia

October 22, 2014

Brother's MFC-L2703DW

Brother’s MFC-L2703DW

The eight new printers are said to offer “value and reliability for improved efficiency”.

The range of devices includes four MFPs, or Multi-Function Centres, as well as four single-function machines, with Brother International Australia stating that the printers are designed to deliver “affordable, reliable printing” to SMBs. Value-related features include automatic duplexing and standard and high-yield toner cartridges (1,200 and 2,600 page-yields respectively).

The printers include the HL-L2300D, L2340DW, L2365DW and L2380DW single-function machines, and the MFC-L2700DW, L2703DW, L2720DW and L2740DW MFPs. All printers bar the HL-L2300D feature wireless connectivity and mobile compatibility, allowing users to use Apple’s Air Print and Brother’s mobile printing apps, and each features either an LCD or touchscreen.

All the devices feature a ‘Deep Sleep’ power saving mode “which kicks in when the machine is not in use”, whilst in terms of speed, the HL-L2300D, L2340DW and MFC-L2700DW reach 26ppm, and the remaining five devices reach 30ppm.

Kelly Wilson, Senior Marketing Manager at Brother International Australia, stated: “Brother constantly strives to offer our customers quality printing while keeping costs low. To provide Brother users with greater value, reliability and convenience, every printer and Multi-Function Centre from this new series is feature rich at an affordable price so every customer can enjoy stress free printing.”

The HL-L2300D is available at AU$129 ($113/€89); the L2340DW at AU$149 ($130/€103); the L2365DW at AU$169 ($148/€116); the L2380DW at AU$229 ($201/€158); the MFC-L2700DW and MFC-L2703DW at AU$249 ($218/€172); the MFC-L2720DW at AU$279 ($245/€193); and the MFC-L2740DW at AU$329 ($289/€227).

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Cartridge World USA signs up ERP provider

October 22, 2014

The US franchise has chosen Armanino to create an accounting and financial reporting solution.cartridge world

Virtual-Strategy reported on the franchise’s appointment of Armanino LLP to provide it with a “custom-tailored” accounting and financial reporting solution, as part of a new enterprise resource planning (ERP) system.

Armanino, which says it is the “largest independent accounting and business consulting firm” in California, is providing Cartridge World with its Intacct system, and claims that Cartridge World’s expenditure on the implementation of the ERP system “will be recouped within six months of deployment”.

Intacct is cloud-based and will allow Cartridge World to get “customised analysis of KPIs [key performance indicators] and budget variances from multiple locations”, including North America, the UK, France and Australia. The “multi-dimensional” software also allows users to ‘tag’ transactions and data for “custom reporting”.

Lindy Antonelli, Partner at Armanino and Founder of the Cloud Accounting Institute, stated: “Armanino is excited to work with Cartridge World, an international franchisor that offers printers, ink and toner, and printer repair for home and business customers, in consolidating its global accounting and financial reporting.

“By utilising Intacct, the only accounting solution endorsed by the AICPA, we sare able to automatically consolidate reporting across geographies and minimise time-consuming manual reporting with a cost-saving cloud solution.”

Michael Dixon, Director of Finance at Cartridge World, added: “By reducing our annual subscription fee by two-thirds of what we were previously investing, Armanino has helped us redesign our workflow to maximise our savings. With Intacct, we are able to tie our global presence together under one simple to use cloud accounting solution.”

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