Static Control appoints Sales Executive for Eastern Europe

April 16, 2014

Angela_ShekylsAngela Shekyls named by the largest manufacturer of aftermarket imaging systems and components as its new Sales Executive for the Eastern European region.

Static Control said that it is “pleased to announce” the appointment of Shekyls, whose new position was effective from 31 March 2014 and who brings 15 years of industry experience having previously worked in sales and business development dealing with finished inkjet and laser cartridges. Shekyls is also multilingual, speaking her native Russian as well as English, Bulgarian, Spanish and Czech.

Commenting on her new role, Shekyls said: “It is a privilege to be a part of Static Control – their reputation in the industry is unmatched. I believe my extensive knowledge of the industry and Eastern European markets will prove an asset and help the team to continue providing the very best imaging solutions to remanufacturers across the region.”

Meanwhile Simon Grimes, Global Sales Manager of Easter Europe for Static Control, said: “Static Control is committed to providing genuine remanufacturers with the best possible service in the industry. Angela’s experience and knowledge will further strengthen our customer support in the region and we are delighted to welcome her to the team.”

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Print-Rite launches 3D printer and consumables

April 15, 2014

PR 3D Printer webPrint-Rite distributor UTec announces the company has launched a 3D printer and consumables in co-operation with “US experts”.

UTec said that “over 10 patents” have been granted to Print-Rite relating to its 3D printer and consumables, with the device using PLA filament and ABS filament developed by the company and “US experts for consumables”.

Noting that the launch is “a milestone in the aftermarket printer consumables industry”, UTec said that the 3D printer has been launched “in cooperation with a US scientist”, with Print-Rite developing in-house “the software, controller board and firmware which gains full control of quality” for the printer; which can “produce high precision with resolution at 0.1mm in low noise level”.

The PLA filament meanwhile is said to provide “precision output and avoids clogging of [the] nozzle”, with each machine undergoing “strict quality test before going to the market” to ensure a high quality performance.

Philip So, Director and Chief for Print-Rite’s new product development, commented: “Print-Rite is the pioneer launching the 3D printer with over 10 patents granted; our 3D printer brings reliable, stable and precision model for wide applications especially for designers and engineers.”

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MSE named approved supplier to US purchasing association

April 11, 2014

The remanufacturer will supply cartridges to TriMega Purchasing Association.MSE Samsung ML 4550

The announcement of the partnership with TriMega sees it join other suppliers that are “dedicated to the business of office products, computer supplies, and office furniture”, with 575 member companies making up the association and annual sales ranging from $1 million (€720,529) to $100 million (€72 million).

The association is not-for-profit, and serves office product dealers, noting that it helps its members “profit from the production and distribution of quality marketing materials, information sharing through networking at national and regional activities, and the delivery of education at industry events”.

Gil Wazana, Vice President of Sales at MSE, stated: “We have enjoyed a long standing partnership with the INTEC Group and are extremely excited about our strategic alignment with Trimega and their dealers. We are confident that our tangibly differentiated products will create value and mutual success to both organisations.”

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April 10, 2014

ETIRARlogosmallUK-based printer consumables distributor announces it is now a member of ETIRA.

Effective Consumables Solutions (ECS) said that it is “pleased” to make the announcement that it is now a member of ETIRA after recently expanding its operation into remanufacturing following the acquisition of Scottish remanufacturing and recycling company Tinto Laser Services in March; as well as the acquisition of the recycling division GreenAgenda Ltd., which the company says is “one of the UK’s leading cartridge and mobile phone recycling operations”.

ECS Chief Executive Felicity Rabbitte said that joining ETIRA “will confirm to our European associates and customers both home and abroad that our products and services represent the latest ethical standards”, adding that this is “essential if we are to gain respect for our industry and ECS plans to be an advocate for quality-driven success”.

Meanwhile Chris Fink, Director of ECS, said: “We are pleased to be part of such an important proactive association. Remanufacturing is a growing industry and global business success story, underpinned by sustainable manufacturing practices. The reuse of cartridges is the most environmentally friendly and efficient method of supplying demand for printer parts. ETIRA provides strong strategies and delivers clear messages about the importance of the remanufacturing industry for businesses and consumers.”

Also joining ETIRA recently was Italian remanufacturer IR Italiana Riprografia, which announced that it joined the association in February.

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US retailer and remanufacturer discusses business and services

April 9, 2014

Credit: Michelle Tessier (

Credit: Michelle Tessier (

Printer Source Plus, based in Michigan, was interviewed about its operations by local press.

Michigan Live profiled the store, based in Jackson, Michigan, which is a former Rapid Refill outlet offering remanufactured products alongside refills, printer services and sales, and even 3D printing of printer and cartridge components.

The store’s co-owners, Bob and Barb Smith, stated that “when people come in here, they think we just have ink cartridges […] they’re always surprised that we have toner cartridges also”, and there are “several other things most people don’t realise about the business”, which the news site focused on in five separate points.

The store offers repair, recycling and cleaning, with printer repair an option “people are often surprised at”, according to the Smiths, who note that “we’ll actually look at their printers and try to save them so they don’t have to throw them in a landfill”. They added that “a lot of times when a person’s printer stops working, they just assume it’s a disposable item and they get rid of it”, and that “sometimes there is just some maintenance that needs to be done”.

With 11 employees, the store has been in business since August 2006, and was previously a Rapid Refill franchise, with the Smiths noting that “we were part of a franchise and now we’ve moved away from the franchise so we’re totally independent […] the advantage for us is that we can do more things the way we want to do them. We’re more into printers, selling printers and fixing things”.

A unique function of the store is its 3D printer, which Bob Smith made in-house, and which is used to “make parts for printers” such as gears, with Smith stating that “if I need a gear or a small part, I can copy the gear or the part and reproduce it”. The company’s focus on remanufacturing and recycling was informed by the Smiths being “appalled with what was happening” with recycling in the local area”, and it also funds local schools, churches and non-profit organisations through cartridge collection.

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HP holds anti-counterfeiting conference to raise awareness in Africa

April 8, 2014



Anti-Counterfeiting Africa Conference held over two days in Johannesburg to “educate and empower” organisations in the region against negative effects of counterfeits. reported that the two-day conference hosted by HP came as the OEM continues to tackle the problem of counterfeit products threatening industries in Africa; with the article noting that “sometimes people don’t really understand the real concept of counterfeit goods” despite Africa “increasingly being targeted as a market for counterfeit merchandise” and used as a “transit route” for such goods.

However, Fabrice Campoy, Director of HP’s Printing and Personal Systems Africa, said that African nations are becoming more aware of the challenges counterfeit trade brings “and becoming active in the fight against it”; with government officials, law enforcers and representatives of ministries responsible for anti-counterfeiting all attending the conference.

HP used the event to outline ways to fight against counterfeiting and how policy makers can “toughen applicable laws and enforcement capacity across Africa” by collaborating with the HP Anti-Counterfeiting Programme; with Campoy explaining: “The HP Anti-counterfeiting Programme works hard to protect partners and customers, but this is only made possible through close collaboration with law enforcers around the world […]  we therefore truly appreciate the cooperation of African law enforcement in helping to make this event possible, and protect African customers from the inferior standards and potential risks of counterfeit.”

Jeff Kwasny, Brand Protection Programme Manager for HP’s Printing and Personal Systems group, added: “False goods impact businesses and global trade through lost revenue, damage to brands and the negative effects on hard-earned reputation and consumer confidence […] at the 2014 Anti-Counterfeiting Africa Conference, we have brought together those most affected by counterfeits in the region from policy makers to brands like Unilever and Nike so we can work towards tackling this criminal activity together.”

The article highlighted a report conducted by CTI called ‘Effects of Counterfeit and Substandard Goods in Tanzania’ which estimates that the country could be losing between 15 and 25 percent of its total domestic revenue through the sale of counterfeit goods. It also found that those dealing with counterfeit products are able to reap “huge profits” compared to those selling genuine products, and that there is much unemployment “caused by large imports of fake goods” as counterfeits deny “domestic industries the opportunity to expand production” and put off people investors from establishing industries in Tanzania.

Dr Samwel Nyantahe, Chairman of CTI, said: “We have agencies, laws, policies and the Fair Competition Commission (FCC), but we are yet to succeed. We want to have a specific law to address the problem.”

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HP Pakistan executives arrested on suspicion of corporate tax evasion

April 7, 2014

hpGovernment tax office detains two HP executives in Pakistan following raid on distributor’s offices in February.

Wall Street Journal reported that the raid, carried out at the offices of computer systems distributor Advance Business Systems (ABS), found records indicating that equipment “wasn’t properly taxed”, and later resulted in the arrest of Shahid Ali Khan, HP Pakistan’s Country General Manager for Printing and Personal Systems, and Salim Rawjani, the OEM’s Country Controller, under suspicion of corporate tax evasion.

Following the raid in February, charges were filed against ABS management for sales tax evasion, with Tanveer Malik, Director of Intelligence and Investigation for Pakistan’s Federal Board of Revenue, explaining that the evasion was “done by under-invoicing the products”.

The probe then led to Dell Inc. and HP Pakistan’s units, which were requested to provide details of their transactions with ABS. While Dell complied, HP Pakistan managers “declined to share information”, leading to the arrest of Khan and Rawjani in Karachi.

While the arrests are reportedly a “preliminary step in Pakistani legal proceedings”, officials noted that the tax evasion accusations “could be expanded after further investigation”, with many of the allegedly untaxed products unable to be “brought into Pakistan without the knowledge of customs authorities”.

Malik said the pair were arrested after the agency received “overwhelming evidence” of wrongdoing, but that it “found no evidence” of HP’s involvement in the wrongdoing; with a spokeswoman for HP stating: “We have no comment at this time, other than to say that HP adheres to the highest ethical standards”.

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Indian shop owners arrested for selling counterfeit cartridges

April 4, 2014

images195CLDHLFive shops raided in India following complaint from Canon and HP regarding sale of counterfeit cartridges.

The Times of India reported that owners of five shops in Margao, Vasco and Ponda, India, have been arrested for selling counterfeit printer cartridges after the crime branch received complaints from Canon and HP about counterfeit cartridges being sold on the market.

Three shops were raided in Vasco, resulting in the arrest of Chandrashekhar Mottupali, Vikas Agarwal and Panchanbhai Dangor; while police arrested Kailash Sonkambale in Ponda and Dilip Purohit in Margao; with crime branch forming three separate team to carry out the raids.

The article states that the case has been registered by crime branch under Sections 51 and 63 of the Copyright Act and Section 420 of the Indian Penal Code.

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Cartridge counterfeiters sentenced to probation

April 2, 2014

crimeThree men in Germany discovered with “tons” of counterfeit printer cartridges.

Focus reported on the trio of men, who were recently sentenced to probation and 1,300 hours of community service by the District Court of Offenbach after it was discovered that they had been producing and selling clone cartridges; resulting in damages valued at “around €1 million ($1.4 million)”.

It was found that the men had been filling empty OEM cartridges with “cheap toner”, applying “false holograms from China” and then selling them on “as original commodit[ies]”; with the activity revealed after other vendors found the low prices “suspicious”. A search of the company in Obertshausen, Offenbach, then found 2,012 truckloads of counterfeit cartridges.

The sentencing was “based on an agreement between the prosecutor, defendant and court”. The Recycler previously reported on German authorities tackling the trade in counterfeit toner cartridges.

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Nubeprint signs technology supply deal with Cartridge World North America

March 28, 2014

new nubeprint logoThe MPS software provider’s Zero Click MPS service will be used in the franchise’s Print Manager programme.

Nubeprint stated that the Zero Click MPS service will be used as the technology behind Cartridge World North America’s Print Manager programme for franchisees, with Cartridge World North America’s Chief Technical Officer Mark Pinner noting that the franchise had “invested significant time and resources into finding the right technology partner”, finding that Nubeprint “had a unique product that fits well with our business model and target market”.

Pinner added that franchisees were “asking for a solution”, with the “accuracy, automation and the elimination of redundant alerts […] just a couple of the unique features that will enable Cartridge World franchisees to provide first-class service to their customers” through remotely monitoring cartridge supply.

The deployment of the technology will help Cartridge World “move closer to a cost-per-page programme in the future”, he stated, whilst Cartridge World also sees the future potential “advantages” of moving the programme “beyond the North Americas, as Nubeprint has “worldwide capabilities with a multitude of languages”, according to Pinner.

Antonio Sanchez, CEO of Nubeprint, commented: “We are very excited by our partnership with Cartridge World because of our shared vision of how a franchisee can take such a tool and mould it to fit their particular needs in providing service. Franchisees are creative. They will take this technology and find new business opportunities.”

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