Kleen Strike visited by local MP to discuss tenders

April 15, 2014

Simon Danczuk MP and Laura Heywood

Simon Danczuk MP and Laura Heywood

The UK-based remanufacturer welcomed Simon Danczuk to its Rochdale site, where he spoke with the company about the difficulty for remanufacturers to be considered for procurement tenders.

Kleen Strike’s Managing Director Laura Heywood told The Recycler that Danczuk, the local Member of Parliament (MP) for Rochdale, Lancashire, visited the company in early April to “observe our toner remanufacturing operation”, with the company “taking him though the whole procedure”, leaving Danczuk “most impressed with our set-up and the quality of products we produce”.

A meeting that followed at Kleen Strike’s premises saw the company aim to bring up the UK remanufacturing industry’s “frustration when submitting tenders to local authorities”, with companies under pressure to “reduce costs” against the variety of options, including new-build clones that can be “up to 75 percent […] lower in price” and which have “no place in the transition towards a greener economy”.

Heywood noted that Kleen Strike’s concern is that clones are “being considered in tender applications” despite their poor environmental performance, with one tender alone seeing 70 percent of the score graded on price, whilst 30 percent was on environmental, health and safety and corporate responsibility.

She added that “it is difficult to understand [the] government’s drive to self sustainability and a greener economy when local authorities can put such a value on price alone”, reflecting on the European Parliament’s view that “in order to develop the full potential of public procurement, the criterion of lowest price should no longer be the determining one for the award of contracts, and that it should, in general, be replaced by the criterion of most economically advantageous tender’”.

Heywood concluded: “The United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) Sustainable Public Procurement Guidelines for toner cartridges urges ‘that public authorities know the source of remanufacture to determine that the cartridges they are purchasing are not new build ‘clones’ that are mass produced in Asian countries at a very low price’.

“Reducing the planet’s carbon is essential in order to reduce rising water levels and food shortages that are going to be more and more [of] a major issue in the next 30 years. The simple move to include remanufactured cartridges in UK government tenders is one easy step in the right direction.“

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Focus on Europe hotel room block expires next week

April 14, 2014

FOE-300The room block for the event in Barcelona expires next Monday – book your room now!

The Focus on Europe conference is taking place at Hotel Salles Pere IV on 5 and 6 June in Barcelona, Spain, and The Recycler has a room block reserved exclusively for Focus on Europe delegates, but the deadline for the room block expires next Monday 21 April.

Room bookings can be made by downloading the form on our event page here, or calling the hotel directly using the password: ‘FOCUS ON EUROPE’. It is important to use the password so your booking is using one of the allocated rooms, and so you can take advantage of our reduced rate for hotel rooms. There are a limited number of rooms blocked, and they are on a first-come, first-serve basis. Hotel rooms are not included in the delegate price and vice versa.

The Focus on Europe conference is dedicated to the European remanufacturing industry, with companies and experts from across the continent attending to network, discuss industry trends and talk about the major issues facing remanufacturers in Europe at this time. Sponsors of the event include Static Control and CBC.The call for papers for Focus on Europe is also now open. For a detailed list of topics, please visit www.therecycler.com/events/foe/. Please submit your proposals for keynote speeches, presentations and special sessions at events@therecycler.com.


Hotel room block deadline – 21 April 2014

Paper submission deadline – 30 April 2014

Acceptance notification – 10 May 2014

Final paper deadline – 24 May 2014

For additional information, please do not hesitate to contact us via email at events@therecycler.com. You can also follow us on Facebook and Twitter for important updates.

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E-commerce platform for North American industry launched

April 10, 2014

logoCartridgeWebsite.com is an “all-inclusive platform specifically geared towards” ink and toner cartridge companies in North America, offering businesses the opportunity to have an online presence selling products or accentuating and simplifying online commerce for companies with websites.

The new platform is “is designed specifically for the sale of ink and toner cartridges, and provides an easy-to-use search engine and visible links, allowing the website visitor to find the cartridge they’re looking for within one click”, according to the company, and it can be “deployed as a standalone e-commerce platform for merchants who do not currently have a web presence”, or it can be “integrated with an existing website using a simple link such as an inkjet and toner product tab”.

CartridgeWebsite.com discussed the reasons for setting up the platform for the cartridge industry, stating: “As a retailer or a wholesaler, you either have a website or not. Companies who do have an e-commerce site that provides the full shopping experience spend a lot of money hosting and maintaining the website. Additionally, a significant effort is required in keeping the e-commerce site up-to-date with all the model and part numbers and pricing from various brands and manufacturers.

“If accepting credit cards, additional effort is required in setup and configuration, along with signing up for a merchant account etcetera. Most companies are not geared for e-commerce due to the time and significant expense required to set up a fully featured shopping website. [CartridgeWebsite.com] includes a built-in payment platform for accepting credit cards, so there’s no requirement for going through the laborious process of getting a merchant account etcetera. There is also a “Bill me” feature that allows customers with approved accounts to order online without using a credit card.”

An example of Cartridge Website's custom-branded website framework

An example of Cartridge Website’s custom-branded website framework

The platform is web-based and requires no set-up, coming with “pre-loaded information for all major OEM and alternative ink and toner cartridges [...] including retail pricing”, and can be set up and ready to go in two days. Each company’s e-commerce website acts as an online store designed with a custom look by CartridgeWebsite.com, and businesses using the platform have the ability to “adjust the pricing of each product to suit their individual pricing mechanism”. The company is constantly updating the product list along with pricing information as well, with the platform costing $99 (€71) a month after a one-time initial set-up fee of $299 (€216) and no contract required.

The company noted that it “can take any client from around the globe, but only in English and with dollars at the moment”, and is looking to add other languages and currencies in the future, but “for now, we can offer the service to companies in other countries that want to use an English language site and dollars. We already have a few live clients – and the product is ready now”.

The Recycler interviewed the company’s founders, Duane Miller and Jemin Patel, for issue 257, and you can read our interview in full, with much more detail on the platform, on our website here. You can also view the company’s website at www.cartridgewebsite.com.

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ICRRA discusses import restrictions affecting remanufacturers in India

April 4, 2014

ICRRAThe Indian Cartridge Remanufacturers and Recyclers Association’s (ICRRA) Secretary explains how the association is trying to tackle import restrictions working against Indian remanufacturers.

Deepak Jalihal, Secretary of ICRRA, discussed with The Recycler the import restrictions currently in place in India that “are in fact working against remanufacturers”, as new-build cartridges and clones are able to be imported into the country “but remanufactured cartridges are not allowed”; with companies including Clover having to “struggle to get the license to import remanufactured cartridges”.

Jalihal continued that while remanufacturers in the country “are allowed to export the empties”, they are “not allowed to import them as they are considered e-waste”, adding that it is “no wonder [India] is a dumping ground for the clones”.

As a result of the issues the import restrictions bring, Jalihal said that ICRRA “is looking at tackling this problem on two fronts”. Firstly, the association is “initiating a dialogue with the OEMs to join hands in fixing the minimum customs duty for printer cartridges, irrespective of the billing cost” in order to “level the playground a little”.

Secondly, the association is planning to publish “a B2C newsletter to create awareness in the end-user (consumer)”. However, Jalihal noted that a problem with this is that “we are unable to get any inputs on legal status of clones” and so “if we can get OEMs to comment on this or cite any law/document, we can warn consumers that they are encouraging illegal activity” as “most consumers are ignorant” of the impact of clone cartridges.

In addition to this, ICRRA has noticed that “big banks like Canara Bank and even Public Sectors like HAL” have been “asking refillers to refill cartridges at their premises”, with Jalihal commenting that he is “sure they do not have adequate facilit[ies] for refilling at their branches or premises”. As a result, he said, the association is “trying to get [the] Pollution Control Board to issue a notice in public interest that refilling toner cartridges without proper equipment is hazardous to health and violates the norms”.

Are you a company based in India that has been affected by the import restrictions in place? Let us know in the comments below, or email news@therecycler.com.

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Turbon reports 11 percent decline in 2013

April 2, 2014

The cartridge supplier blamed the decline on its European business. 

Turbon Group's global headquarters in Germany

Turbon Group’s global headquarters in Germany

PBS and Finanzen reported on Turbon’s financial results for the fiscal year in 2013, with the main news the decline of more than eleven percent in sales from €84.9 million ($117 million) to €75.4 million ($104 million), and Turbon noted that “the reason for this decline is in our European business”.

PBS noted that the “high impact on overall sales” came from “particular retroactive bonuses” owed to major customers in the course of “year-end negotiations in the last quarter” of the year. Turbon noted though that it was “possible for us to pass on some of the bonus payments to suppliers, so that the effect on earnings [is] less than the effect on revenue”.

After taxes, the company saw a consolidated net profit of €3.2 million ($4.4 million) compared to last year’s €4.1 million ($5.6 million) and in 2014 it expects to see “continued intense price competition in the supplies market”, in response to which it plans to increase “sales activities and cost reductions”, and to which its two acquisitions, of Clarity Imaging Technologies and ILG, should “strengthen [its] market position”.

Finally, the company noted that in 2014 it is planning for a group turnover in excess of €100 million ($137 million), as well as an increase in pre-tax profit to over €6 million ($8.2 million). It reported double-digit declines in November last year, blaming price competition for an extended fall in sales.

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US Supreme Court creates uniform rule for false advertising cases

April 1, 2014

USSupremeCourtAs a result of the false advertising case between Static Control and Lexmark, the court has streamlined tests for future similar cases, allowing indirect competitors to bring a case forward.

The National Law Review and Mondaq reported on the US Supreme Court’s decision to create a “new, simpler rule” for determining whether entities have standing in false advertising claims under the Lanham Act; with the decision resulting from the ongoing false advertising case between Static Control and Lexmark.

Prior to the decision, different circuit courts used three different tests to determine if a plaintiff had standing for false advertising; including a “multifactor balancing approach”, a “reasonable interest” test, and the requirement for plaintiffs to be direct competitors.

In creating the uniform rule, it has “expanded the scope of parties permitted to bring false advertising suits” as “indirect competitors” are now able to bring suit; with the new rule also “potentially increasing the liability from false advertising suits for entities doing business within the United States”.

It was held that to have standing in a false advertising suit, a plaintiff must plead “an injury to a commercial interest in sales or business reputation proximately caused by the defendant’s misrepresentations”; with the court ruling that when applying this new test, Static Control’s alleged injuries – namely lost sales and reputational damage – are protected under the Lanham Act, and that the injuries were as a result of Lexmark’s “misrepresentations”, despite the two companies not being direct competitors.

As a result of the new test, businesses now need to be “cautious to avoid exposure to unnecessary liability for false advertising when making statements about a commercial entity’s products or services”, even if they are not a direct competitor; with the court stating: “[W]hen a party claims reputational injury from disparagement, competition is not required for proximate cause; and that is true even if the defendant’s aim was to harm its immediate competitors, and the plaintiff merely suffered collateral damage.”

If a false advertising claim is successful, the plaintiff “may be entitled to injunctive relief, damages, corrective advertising, attorneys’ fees or other equitable remedies at the discretion of the court”.

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Static Control to hold free seminar programmes in Europe and Asia

March 28, 2014

The largest manufacturer of aftermarket systems and components invites customers to the first free seminar in Lodz, Poland on 25 April.

Andel’s Hotel ?ód?

Andel’s Hotel Lodz

The seminar, to be held at Andel’s Hotel ?ód?, will be the first in a series of 22 “information-intensive” sessions planned throughout Europe and Central and Western Asia this year; with Static Control stating that it is holding the seminar programme as part of its “ongoing commitment to supporting genuine remanufacturers”.

The events, said Static Control, aim to allow customers to become acquainted with their sales representative or technician from the company while learning about new cartridges, components and technologies “in person”; with each seminar scheduled to run for a full day and to include remanufacturing demonstrations by technicians, as well as a commercial presentation concerning “what’s next” for the industry. The company added that the presentations will be translated into the local language.

In terms of content, each seminar will focus on the demands of each particular market and “tailored to suit the region’s remanufacturers”; with Static Control providing the opportunity for all attendees to ask questions to its staff.

Ken Lalley, Sales Director at Static Control, said: “We are focused on delivering a rich customer experience. These seminars are a great way to provide technical education to our customers and keep them updated about new products, industry issues and how to explore new business opportunities.”

He continued: “These events in the past have proven extremely popular. Remanufacturers can discuss challenging industry issues in person, get their questions answered and observe in-depth demonstrations on profitable cartridges that will help keep them ahead of their competitors. With cartridge technology becoming more and more complex, what better way to get to grips with its challenges than face-to-face with our technicians? Plus, it’s a great opportunity for us to learn more about them and the issues they face.”

Static Control said that anyone wishing to see the complete calendar of seminars should contact their Static Control sales representative.

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Remanufacturing could boost UK economy by $9.2 billion

March 26, 2014

A parliamentary report found that there is “huge potential” for remanufacturing in the UK, but that the government will “need to address barriers”.recycle

Business Green reported on the parliamentary report Remanufacturing towards a resource efficient economy, which argues that the “huge potential” for UK remanufacturing in all industries could add £5.6 billion ($9.2 billion/€6.7 billion) to the UK economy, though it argues that the UK government will “need to address barriers” in the way of implementing remanufacturing and reaping the benefits.

The report, based on an inquiry by former Environment Secretary Caroline Spelman, was said to have noted the UK is currently missing out on “billions of pounds and thousands of skilled jobs” due to the failure to make the most of remanufacturing, with its current value to the economy estimated to be around £2.4 billion ($3.9 billion/€2.8 billion).

The concept of a circular economy, whereby all components of manufactured products are reused and products are designed from conception to be reusable, is also discussed, and the site added that whilst many “high value, durable products […] lend themselves naturally to remanufacturing”, the challenge is “working out how to capture goods […] where the technology changes very quickly”, such as smartphones.

Adding that the concept of remanufacturing has “climbed the political and business agenda in recent years as commodities have become scarcer or more difficult to access”, the report claims that the value of wood, food, textiles, plastics and electronics landfilled each year is around £3.8 billion ($6.2 billion/€4.5 billion), and the government has previously told businesses that they could save around £23 billion ($38 billion/€27.5 billion) a year “through low cost or no cost improvements in resource efficiency”.

Citing machinery manufacturer Caterpillar as a good example of a company utilising remanufacturing, the report also discusses the potential remanufacturing has to “increase skills and create jobs”, citing the US’ position as the largest remanufacturing nation, where remanufacturing grew 15 percent between 2009 and 2011 to be worth around $43 billion (€31 billion), employing around 180,000 people in over 70,000 companies.

In the UK, 47,500 jobs could be created by remanufacturing, according to think tank Green Alliance, with around eight to 20 jobs created for “every thousand tonnes of produce reused or remanufactured”. Remanufacturing’s lower energy and raw material use were also mentioned, with the practise saving more than 800,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions per year (around one percent of the emissions from cars), and enough raw materials to fill 155,000 train carriages forming a train 1,100 miles long.

Spelman stated that the UK is “currently missing out on most of the benefits associated with remanufacturing”, and urged the government to do more to exploit its “huge economic and environmental potential […] the renaissance of British manufacturing has created an outstanding opportunity for remanufacturing in the UK. But the full potential has not yet nearly been realised.

“The government must act now to ensure the UK does not lag further behind in the rapidly growing global remanufacturing industry”.

The report also added that the British government should “adopt a clear definition of remanufacturing” through a certified mark for remanufactured products, which would “increase consumer acceptance of the practice and avoid the problem of having to recertify goods for the CE mark”. It concluded in turn that “identifying areas of potential and creating a fund to develop remanufacturing in these areas could also help kickstart the sector”, and creating a centre of excellence for remanufacturing could reduce the costs of training people.

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Paperworld Middle East 2014 saw 10 percent increase in visitors

March 25, 2014

paperworldme2014Organisers Epoc Messe Frankfurt reported that 6,540 visitors attended the event, which included Remanexpo@Paperworld Middle East 2014, with 40 percent of these from outside the United Arab Emirates.

The organisers of the event noted that the show “generate[d] robust response[s] from trade buyers and visitors from [the] wider region”, with the 6,540 visitors creating a 10.6 percent increase in visitor numbers compared to the 2013 event. 40 percent of these visitors came from outside the United Arab Emirates from over 104 nations, with the top five nations for visitors including India, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Kuwait and Oman.

Epoc Messe Frankfurt added that the “range of international product launches”, alongside “robust responses from regional and international trade buyers”, had been a catalyst for the increase in numbers, which it stated “confirmed the healthy growth prospects of the paper, office products and stationery market in the Middle East”.

The organisers also attributed the success of the event to the growth “in regional and international interest” and success of the Paperworld brand, as well as “increased interaction and engagement” and the “quality of trade visitors and the genuine interest shown by buyers” to the products manufactured by the “wide spectrum of exhibitors drawn from across the world”.

Ahmed Pauwels, CEO of Epoc Messe Frankfurt, stated: “Paperworld Middle East has been fortunate to play a part in promoting an industry sector that is growing across the region and which is attracting increasing interest from international manufacturers and suppliers.

“Drawing in a wide range of influential trade buyers and industry professionals, the exhibition which is viewed as the premier trade platform, has continued to showcase a cornucopia of the latest trends and innovations in the industry as well as being the venue for the initiation of many a trade partnership or business deal.”

The Recycler’s report from the final day of the event can be found here, with links to the other days’ reports, and MSE recently reported on their success in exhibiting at the show.

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Static Control selects new distributor for Ukraine

March 25, 2014

Makkon_logoMakkon appointed as Static Control’s official distributor for Ukrainian market.

Static Control, the largest manufacturer of aftermarket imaging systems and components, has announced that Makkon has been chosen as the company’s authorised distributor for the Ukrainian market as of 15 March 2014.

Commenting on the decision, Juan Carlos Bonell, Vice President of Distributor Markets at Static Control, said: “We are very excited to announce Makkon as our authorised distributor in Ukraine. Makkon has been investing considerable resources to deliver the best technical support, product availability and customer service to the Ukrainian remanufacturers.

“Their dedication to promote Static Control in the country made them an ideal candidate to partner with Static Control. We look forward to supporting and growing cartridge remanufacturing in the Ukraine with this partnership.”

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